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Professional Land Clearing & Site Work

Hill Country land improvements


Our Mission

As landowners and conservationist we have first hand knowledge of the issues and concerns of  Hill Country landowners.  All landowners, big and small, through proper land management can help reduce the risk of wildfires, soil loss, erosion,  habitat degradation, major flooding and even the impacts of drought. LoneStar Ranchscapes is here to help.

Selective Land Clearing

We offer multiple methods  of low impact selective land clearing tailored to each properties unique needs. Through proper methods and a selective approach we can increase natural beauty, reduce fire hazard, increase grazing potential, allow rainwater infiltration and create quality habitat for native wild life and migratory birds.

Soil Establishment

Healthy Soil is key to reduce rain water runoff, allow infiltration into the water table , and mitigate catastrophic flood risk.  Proper grading can catch and absorb rainfall. We employ several methods of  increasing organic soil composition which in turn not only absorbs more rainfall but aids in the growth of native grasses, plants and wildflowers.

Native grasses and Wildflowers

LoneStar Ranchschapes continues to increase and expand upon our experience with native prairie grasses and pollinator plantings even in our rocky Hill Country soils. We offer native grass establishment, Texas wildflowers, pollinator plots, and even deer, dove and quail food plots.

Pond and Road Construction

We do not solely focus on the environmental side of land improvements. We handle all excavation and dirt works including pond and road construction. Our ability to construct roads and ponds combined with selective clearing, rock removals, soil enhancement  and grass establishment  allows us to provided a uniquely holistic  approach to land and property development in the Hill  Country.